Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reduce eye strain during reading
Adjustable Light angle
Spring Clip to hold firming on books
This is one of the LED Reading Light, compared with Energizer Reading Light which can be found in local store, this is much cheaper . (RM16.XX for Energizer with battery, but this one cost RM10 only )
Quote from the website :
It works fine when you want to read books in the dark without disturbing others. The unit is light and I wish it can be even lighter and smaller like paper. It clips and lights my 400ish pages paper back mid-size books fine. I also use it as my little desk light when I work at night on my laptop, fun!
If you want to order this , just leave me a message or sms me, i will order for you.
PS : This ITEM located in HongKong, so it takes around 3 weeks time to arrive Malaysia, but the shipping is free...
You may take a look here :

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