Friday, April 10, 2009

New E-book website

Today i've found a lot of free ebook website...
thanks to
(Thank for the contribution)
(or HOME for other materials)
(in russian, just click the british flag on top-right corner)
(select e-books)
(added by wizlor)
(added by fabio75)
(added by fabio75)
(a pdf files search engines!!)
(another pdf files ebooks search engines)
(in Chinese use google translator to access it, added by m8406054)
(added by spinosum)child education
(massive info on useful gadgets for kids)
Ebook forum from China

Other ebook website

if you like the book - buy the books and support the author..



    I got thousands of high quality expensive eBooks from there. I'm tempted to get one of your eBook reader.

    If not mistaken, I think I saw u guys selling eBook reader (I think the price is too high) at Serdang mall.

  2. Sorry bro, we do the Road Show @ BPMall Batu Pahat, The Mines Book Fest last year. We're from Batu Pahat, how come can selling ebook at Serdang Mall :)