Friday, March 6, 2009

Hanlin V3 Firmware 2.02 Update !

1.Support fonts change in MOBI READER.
2.Update HTML parser, TXT parser and PDB parser.Notice: MOBIREADER support replace outside font library.
Method:1). Put font library in SD:/fonts/ under index or built-in/storage:/fonts/ index2).
The name of the font library should abide by:
Normal fontXXXXBI.TTF
Bold italic fontXXXXBD.TTF
Bold fontXXXXI.TTF
Italic fontOrxxxx.ttf
Normal fontxxxxbi.ttf
Bold italic fontxxxxbd.ttf
Bolf fontxxxxi.ttf Italic font

The file name should be all in capital letters or small letters and the 4 font libraries should be complete. Otherwise it will be regarded as non-complete font library, and won’t be displayed in the list of MOBI READER font library.

How to update your V3
1) Simply download the file v2.02EN from
2) Unzip the file into EMPTY 1GB SD CARD (Provided by Jinke)
3) Plug the USB cable into computer and Hanlin V3
4) Press the Volume + and power at once.
5) When you heard the "Beep" sound, just let the device update itself ... :)

Enjoy Reading.

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