Monday, July 27, 2009

We'll bring in Hanlin V5

Finally, we decided to bring in Hanlin V5
But it depends on market needs.

Suggested Retail Price is RM1099
It is slightly cheaper than other website, like HongKong ebay ~!
For more information, please feel free to contact us ~!
Give us a call, we will answer you ~!


  1. Be Caution! The QC of the product V5 seen to be unsound. I received the V5 direct from Jinke few days ago.The V5 was unable to switch on/not function(after charging for more than 12 hours). Now is a white elephant still waiting for reply from the manufacturer.

  2. Recived the rectified V5 for a week.Previous problem on software occurs quite often. In a week's time the V5 either no respond or hang, I have to reinstall the software(downloaded from jinke website) 3 times.My advice may be wait for a more stable upgrade software

  3. Have you contact LiuMin from Jinke? maybe they can solve the problem for you !
    What type of memory card are you using ?
    Maybe the problem of memory card.
    Try to use 2gb or 1gb SD card..
    Mine is stable now, only the XPDF reader cannot be function (other people also cannot)