Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review of Hanlin V5 (Malaysia)

Finally, we got Hanlin V5 from Jinke. This is a preview set from Jinke which not released in Malaysia.

Due to the unstable of unit, we're now looking at the needs of the market.We will take a little time to bring in Hanlin V5.
For those interested, feel free to contact us ...

Item : Hanlin V5
Dimensions: 151.2mm(L) x 105.4mm(W) x 10mm(H)
Weight: 160g
Display: 5-inch 600x 800 pixel, 8-level gray scale
Connection : USB2.0, SD Slot (up to 16GB)
CPU : 400MHZ
Format :PDF, TXT, RTF, EPUB, LIT, PPT, WOLF, DOC, CHM, FB2, HTML, DJVU, MP3, TIFF, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, RAR, ZIP, DRMAdobe content server (PDF, ePUB)(futher UPDATE will support more format)
Firmware : V2.00 090605

The Good -
1) Built in better PDF decoder, 5x zoom for normal PDF viewing
2) Can manually rotate the screen (Viewing PDF files only)
3) Built in Text To Speech (TTS) system, all the text can be read by Hanlin V5. Just plug in
earphone, all the sentences will be read (except .PDF files). Auto Page Turning when reading
the page.
4) Fast respone (400mhz of CPU, strong power)
5) Faster page turning
6) Better connection with USB2.0
7) Size smaller than V3, lightweight, suitable for lady use ...
8) Better quality (Body Finishing)
9) Up-to-date Firmware
10) Better Bookmark system, can preview up to 5 bookmarks
11) Built in Right Handed Scroll, used for Page Turning

The Bad (Reader) -
1) Black Flash Screen when page turning (for 0.1 second ~ 0.2 second). Need sometime to adapt.
2) SD-Card Slot (Body) not stable
3) No more Mobipocket Support
4) Battery No More Nokia Compatible, need order from Original Factory.

The Bad (Package)
1) No more Free SD Card Included.
2) No more Free Pouch (USD 5.00 for each pouch)
3) Ugly pouch , colour not matching ( Brown + Black body ....faint)
4) Plastic Body Holder inside the pouch ... no more steel holder

Open Box HANLIN v5

Item Included : Charger, Hand strap, Screw, Screwdriver, Manual, USB Cable

Inside the pouch (Plastic Holder, don't know can last long or not)

Front View

Rear View

Naked V5

Left - V3 Right - v5
Big brother and sister (v5)

New Scroll for page turning

Left - Power Button, USB Port, SD-Slot

Back with Built in speaker ,playing keyboard sound only - 'tick' 'tick'
-Not for playing Mp3, reading text

What i disappointed - No more Nokia Battery, need to buy from Jinke

Better PDF Page Fitting

User can change the Zoom In/Out level (5x zoom) within the menu. (PDF only)

5x Zoom

User can rotate the screen manually (Vertical or Horizontal) (PDF only)

Horizontal View (PDF only)

English Reading Selection in Menu (Not for PDF)

Bookmark Preview (Up to 5 slot for bookmark)

User Changeable Font (Font must store in SD-Card, cannot store in reader)

The font already changed by me ...nice looking

Adjust Contrast and Brightness

Adjust Contrast and Brightness
Chinese Speaking
English Speaking


  1. Someone mentioned that the battery is an LG battery that sells for under ten US dollars.

  2. Given the timing of this latest ebook reader release with the world financial crisis this year, it doesn't surprise me about cutting corners. As many companies get ready to release their own products to market in the next three months before Christmas, I'd suspect that many more customers will find other companies too have had to cut corners to try and save a few dollars.

    As with the cover / holder, I don't really see that as a problem at all. You read the ebook reader, not the case. Okay, so cutting corners they stopped giving the case away for free. At just $5, that is probably what the cover is commercially worth anyway. For years I have been buying camera equipment which mostly comes with their own 'cheap' carry case or bag. Usually doesn't last long and not that practical anyway. I usually head off to eBay or other online stores and most times find that other suppliers of carry cases have done a much better job for my particular device and for not much more. So as long as there are case making companies who spot this opportunity, I think its a good thing. I'd rather pay a little more to get a better case than have the $5 added to the total ebook reader price and not be happy with the cheap case. As for the colour choice, well indeed, brown with a black device. I would suspect that many people will be glad they are not forced to compulsorily purchase this case. For a white coloured device, as pictured on the box, the case colours probably work.
    Likewise with not having a SD Card included, saving on the dollars I'd suspect.

    Battery supplier changed from Nokia to another brand. You may think this is inconvenient because you might not be able to find a replacement, its unlikely to be an issue. The battery will last for a long time anyway. Reading the Jinke web site specifications, you'll notice the Hanlin V5 battery is a Li-Polymer 1000mAh, where as the Hanlin V3 and V2 have Li-ION 950mAh batteries. The design of the V5's polymer battery is different from the older lithium-ion battery, and as such the polymer battery is lighter and provides over 20% more energy than the li-ion battery.

    In the example provided, the Text to Speech (TTS) voice doesn't sound that great, I have to agree. Lets be honest though, the device is primarily for reading. If I wanted to 'listen' to books, I'd just get a better TTS voice and software tool on my computer, save to MP3 and play it on my MP3 player or mobile phone, which would all work out cheaper too. If as stated here the built in speaker only plays the navigation click sounds of the device and not MP3 music or TTS, forcing you to either use headphones which may not be piratical in every situation, or an external speaker, that's not so good. I suspect however there will be a menu setting to change this, can you check and post your findings? There are many nice Text to Speech voices out there, it would be good if in a future firmware it were possible to independently buy a better TTS voice and load it onto the SD card for better audio.

    You will find all e-ink devices suffer from what you refer to as the 'black flash screen' when turning/changing pages. This is the technology as it is at the moment, however I have found other reviews of any of the e-ink devices which have highlighted this same point and said that it doesn't take long to get used to it. Really depends on the person.

    Only recently did I discover the OpenInkpot project that allows you to install a free open source Linux version of the ebook software onto this device. Very interesting, which can open up some interesting possibilities and extra features in time.

    Although I have never actually seen or used this device, I personally like it more than several other e-ink products on the market.

    Thanks for the preview of this device and please let us know of further information when you can.