Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Firmware update : Hanlin V3 !! Must have !

Jinke release another Hanlin V3 firmware (2.10)
(You may use Xunlei or Flashget to get full speed download)

Great news - For PDF files, user can easily use the new feature to zoom-in / out 5 times (compare to previous 3 times zoom in/out function), even original PDF files with small font can be easily read without problem !

1.Support ADOBE DRM.
2.Support PDF reflow.
3.Support ADE recognition and device activation.
4.Support mobi files without drm.
5.Support 5 X zoom in PDF and EPUB files.
6.Rotate landscape / portrait view.
7.Easy pop-up menu to zoom in/out

How to update V3?
A:Notice: In order to guarantee the battery has enough power for update, please connect the device with the charger before start the update.

Step 1. Download update package.
Step 2. Unzip the V3 update pack, and copy unzipped files into the root of SD card. (a. The storage of the SD card should be less than 1GB or equal to 1GB; b. The SD card must be FAT 16. )
Step 3. Insert the SD card into the V3.
Step 4. Hold to press V+ button (Volume up button, which is on the top of the right side of the device),switch on the device (If the battery is full, just switch on the device, if the battery is no full, please connect the charger.)
Step 5. The update interface appears and presses OK to begin the update. And wait until it is finished.Step 6. Reset V3

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